by Laura A. Zubulake

"Zubulake Delivers Suspense, Inspiration" - Mr. Jeff Whited

“This is a phenomenal story told by, sadly, a phenomenal person. I say "sadly" because the world would be a much better place if more people of learning, character, and conviction were as undeterred as Laura Zubulake. ... From the "To the Reader" pre-Preface, the subject matter's power and the manner of its telling quickly gathered me up for a marathon read.” - Dr. Reed D. Gelzer

"Laura Zubulake stands as a true symbol of information integrity and justice. If you were a fan of Erin Brockovich you will love Zubulake's e-Discovery and hopefully, once you start reading it, you too, will have a hard time putting it down!" - Ms. Kimberly Baldwin-Stried Reich

"But for readers, perhaps the most poignant lesson is how Laura Zubulake stood up for her beliefs, even when the odds seemed insurmountable -- an act of courage and a reward in and of itself.” -- Ms. Leigh Isaacs

“This is not litigation as it is taught in law school, covering just the black letter law and exceptions to the legal rules. This is, as the commercial used to say, ‘as real as it gets.’ . . . But the book tells two stories. The first story is the one I was expecting after listening to her keynote address last year. . . . This is the story that lead to the five published opinions about the reasonable standard of behavior for dealing with electronically stored information. And, it is an interesting and important story. The pleasant surprise was that there was also a second story. In this story she writes about confronting her fears and challenges, both financial and emotional, in surviving the litigation process. It was not easy. . . . This story covers her thought process and her strategy and some of the lessons she learned. It covers how, and why she did not settle, and the risks she took along the way. This is the sort of thing it takes lawyers years and years of litigation experience to learn and appreciate, and something that I feel is never explored adequately in television or the movies. To me, this was a compelling story.”-- Mr. Cary Calderone

"Laura Zubulake’s understanding of the centrality of information and the value of information enabled her to eventually prevail against a corporate opponent who had overwhelming advantages.. . . Zubulake’s e-Discovery makes the case once again: information is the lifeblood of the corporation and the advantage lies with those who truly understand what that means.”- Debra Logan

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The following are comments about Zubulake’s e-Discovery from the students of Lisa J. Berry-Tayman Esq. CIPP/​US E-Discovery 2013 course at Indiana University/​Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI).

I absolutely love the book; it is not only informative but very compelling.

Laura's will and determination to fight on and not fold under the pressure she was under for several years was inspiring. I don't know how many individuals could have withstood the stress, financial burden and the uncertainty of what the future would hold after a lifetime of hard work, but Laura did it it was a landmark case for ediscovery.

I thought this book was incredible. It was a excellent exposure to the real world of litigation. As a woman, this book was inspiring. It related to me on a whole level I wouldn't have expected. It was also an easy read. You could see her experience through her eyes. I felt like she was sitting right next to me telling me the story. I most definitely approve this book and I advise you to continue to use it in later classes.

It was much easier to read than a normal, boring text book. The book allowed us to see more clearly how she coordinated the different issues and points so that it could be presented as an argument for her case.

Loved it! Best class read I had this year. Keep it.

Absolutely. The story revealed in Zubulake's e-Discovery provides the reader with insight lacking in the average textbook, perspective. Laura Zubulake's story of her hopes and fears concerning the case are chronicled from the initial discovery issues through the end of litigation, giving readers her legal strategy and personal reactions to various elements of the case. Additionally, the outcome of her case led to multiple legal opinions and revolutionized the way that ESI was handled both by corporations and third party law firms alike. Multiple sources view the book as a must read for any attorney and therefore, without doubt the book should be read not only in relation to legal studies, but in corporate practice and technology.

I think that the Zubulake book is an exciting, real world learning tool. It should definitely be kept for next year's class because it is very easy to read and keeps you wanting more, much unlike a traditional text book. Thank you so much for adding such a great book to the class, and thanks to Laura for all her hard work that lead to new, necessary legal precedents.

Zubulake’s e-Discovery is an inspirational account of an individual standing on principle, persevering against a formidable opponent, and achieving vindication, accountability, and justice. It is a 21st century version of David & Goliath set on Wall Street that resulted in the establishment of landmark e-discovery law, encouraged the development of a multi-billion dollar IT business, and influenced the way in which organizations manage information.

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