by Laura A. Zubulake

"Zubulake Delivers Suspense, Inspiration" - Jeff Whited

“This is a phenomenal story told by, sadly, a phenomenal person. I say "sadly" because the world would be a much better place if more people of learning, character, and conviction were as undeterred as Laura Zubulake. ... From the "To the Reader" pre-Preface, the subject matter's power and the manner of its telling quickly gathered me up for a marathon read.” - Dr. Reed D. Gelzer

"Laura Zubulake stands as a true symbol of information integrity and justice. If you were a fan of Erin Brockovich you will love Zubulake's e-Discovery and hopefully, once you start reading it, you too, will have a hard time putting it down!" - Kimberly Baldwin-Stried Reich

"But for readers, perhaps the most poignant lesson is how Laura Zubulake stood up for her beliefs, even when the odds seemed insurmountable -- an act of courage and a reward in and of itself.” -- Ms. Leigh Isaacs

"Laura Zubulake’s understanding of the centrality of information and the value of information enabled her to eventually prevail against a corporate opponent who had overwhelming advantages.. . . Zubulake’s e-Discovery makes the case once again: information is the lifeblood of the corporation and the advantage lies with those who truly understand what that means.”- Debra Logan

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Zubulake’s e-Discovery is an inspirational account of an individual standing on principle, persevering against a formidable opponent, and achieving vindication, accountability, and justice. It is a 21st century version of David & Goliath set on Wall Street that resulted in the establishment of landmark e-discovery law, encouraged the development of a multi-billion dollar IT business, and influenced the way in which organizations manage information.

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