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César Rosada is on a crusade. Descended from generations of coffee farmers, the former professional athlete turned politician is determined to improve life for the working class of his country. As Minister of Finance, César is committed to righting decades of corruption, crime, and misguided economic policies, and defending progress made in the fight against the illegal drug trade. He anticipates resistance from those with money, power, and vested interests. However, he now confronts a burgeoning challenge—America’s opioid epidemic. This deadly crisis poses more than the usual conflict between law enforcement and organized crime. It is a complex and insidious challenge with pervasive and deep-rooted origins. César’s adversaries intent on maintaining the status quo conspire and threaten everything for which he has worked. The stakes are high—a reversion to the days when drug syndicates rule, politicians collude and profit, and the people remain hopelessly trapped in a cycle of poverty. César is conflicted, but must decide on a course of action. Weighing choices between what is perceived as right versus wrong, he pursues a path that for some is morally ambiguous.

Zubulake's e-Discovery: The Untold Story of my Quest for Justice

Zubulake’s e-Discovery is a study into the search, preservation and management of electronic documents and the establishment of e-discovery law. It is an inspirational account of a woman standing on principle, persevering against a formidable opponent, and achieving justice. It is a 21st century version of David & Goliath set on Wall Street that resulted in the establishment of landmark e-discovery law.

The Complete Guide to Convertible Securities Worldwide

This book is a treatment into the investment characteristics of global convertible securities. Convertible securities are hybrid securities combining benefits of both a bond and equity. The Complete Guide to Convertible Securities Worldwide provides an understandable explanation of these financial instruments. Practical examples are combined with theory in order to explain investing principles. The book addresses currency exposure and hedging concepts. This guide is a comprehensive reference for both professionals and individuals.